Plain Sight EP

by Retro Candy Mecca

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Recorded in fall 2013.


released 01 January 2014
All songs by Retro Candy Mecca | Lyrics by Dan Kov
Tracks 1-4 recorded at C.A.S. Music Productions.
Track 5 recorded by Dan Kov.
Artwork by Dan Kov.

Dan Kov – vocals, guitars, percussion
Colin Murphy – bass, vocals, violin, percussion
Carmine Bonanni – drums, vocals, trumpet, percussion



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Retro Candy Mecca Atlantic City, New Jersey

Retro Candy Mecca is a three-piece indie-pop band from Atlantic City, NJ. Founded by singer/guitarist Dan Kov and drummer Carmine Bonanni, the group was joined by bassist Colin Murphy in 2013 and are coming for your daughters.

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Track Name: Ambush The Airbrushers
Comatose under a lamp post
she's a victim of a simple desire
she said, "Jane Austen is better than sex"
oh but I'm the one with the savior complex

I want what I want when I want it
so give me what I need so I'm happy
in the future everyone will be famous
for just 15 dollars

Track Name: Hide
Do you think of me
Do you think of me
you know I think about you
you know I think about you
so do you think of me
do you think of me
you know I think about you
you know I think about you

So why do I hide
the way I feel inside?
Track Name: Generation Why
Maybe I am cynical
but I think we've lost control
blame us for our branded comforts
you bought and sold our souls
sacrifice our future
a lifetime of endless debt
common sense is overrated
according to the government

Can't cope
no hope
heads we lose and tails they win

You have robbed us of our prospects
and taught us nothing in return
self-esteem is all that we have
there is nothing left to earn
locked away inside a prison
of self-preservation
a generation retreating
to a world or retweeting
Track Name: Everybody Has Someone
Everybody has someone
Everybody has someone
someone, someone
someone, someone
my favorite season is here
my favorite season is here
but I'm all alone
I'm all alone
autumn leaves are falling
think I was happy
this time last year
this time last year
don't wanna go back home
don't wanna watch the
world through my window
world through my window

everybody has someone
Track Name: Ted Bundy
How can it be
we're the only ones who see
the injustice in it all
how they build you up just to fall
it's true you are naive
and you wear your heart on your sleeve
and I am cynical
but I still feel you're beautiful

Ted Bundy is not a hero to me
but I'll admit I want you violently
it's more than four seconds of bliss

time is unbroken
so go with the flow
live your days like you life's a rainbow
we create truth
but we haven't mastered time
it's up to you whether you are satisfied